The Annual Convention (Jalsa Salana) of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Ghana is a unique event that brings together participants from across the globe to increase religious knowledge and promote a sense of peace in society. Eminent speakers discuss a range of religious topics and their relevance to contemporary society. A special feature of this convention is that it is blessed by the presence of His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the Head of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community through a special message to the community in Ghana.

The aim of the gathering is that the sincere members of the Jama’at should be able to derive religious benefits and at the same time they should acquire more knowledge and advance in their nearness to God. One advantage is that meeting their friends will broaden their circle of brotherhood and it will strengthen the mutual ties (Asmani Faisla).

This is not a festival but a Jama’at convention to increase religious knowledge and promote a sense of peace in society. As such, do not waste time in personal meetings, buying and selling or showing off the latest fashions. Greet each other with a smile. If you have any ill feelings, end them with a smile in these days. Spread good deeds and encourage others to do the same and desist from bad practices. Those who come to attend Jalsa, must participate in it fully, and not roam around aimlessly; instead they should derive maximum benefit from the program. Additionally, you are encouraged to take note of the following:

    • Pray for safe travel of all members to and from Jalsa.
    • Try to portray the true and beautiful image of the Jama’at, especially to our guests.
    • Cooperate with Khuddam on duty to appropriately guide your activities during Jalsa.
    • Register as soon as you reach the main entrances of Bagh-e-Ahmad and always display your participation badge.
    • Notify security about any suspicious characters, whether they are wearing a badge or not.
    • Offer Salat in congregation at designated times.
    • Observe proper mosque etiquette when in the prayer area.
    • Listen quietly during recitation of the Holy Qur’an.
    • Do not disturb others by talking among yourselves during the formal sessions.
    • Attend Jalsa sessions at proper times.
    • Do not visit the dining, market or exhibition areas during formal sessions.
    • Not waste food and keep the dining area clean.
    • Keep the bathrooms clean and report any nonfunctional bathrooms immediately.
    • Be courteous to fellow attendees of the Jalsa.
    • Show respect to your elders and act in a kind manner to those younger than you.
    • Do not waste time in idle gossip but spend spare time in remembering Allah.
    • Wear Islamic clothing. Men and women should cover their heads.
    • Families should fix their meeting points beforehand to avoid crowding.
    • Make sure that children as well as teenagers are at their best behavior.
    • Mothers should come prepared and bring formula, supplies and diapers etc for their infants.


Separation of Gender: This is an Islamic culture and must be strictly observed during the entire period of the Jalsa. Visiting the accommodation area of the opposite sex (both mass and private tents) is abhorred and should be avoided by all. Men especially are encouraged to desist from finding excuses for whatsoever reasons to access female accommodation facilities. Additionally, men must observe Ghaze-Basr (lowering of the eyes).

Advice for Women: Ladies are advised that they should take care not to roam around aimlessly. However, those ladies who are not Ahmadis are only be requested to do so politely: there is no need for force or coercion. Spread the habit of keeping your head covered. It should be remembered that we are spreading our time in a spiritual environment during these days. Women must observe Purdah and try not to find excuses not to observe it.

Offering of Prayers: Members are entreated to pray continuously for the success of the Jalsa. They are to offer special prayers, especially Tahajjud, for the success of the Jalsa. Spend the days of the Jalsa specifically in the remembrance of Allah. Recite “Durood” prayers of blessings for the Holy Prophet (saw) and offer the Salat punctually. Many guests arrive from far and wide and if they fail to offer the prayers at their respective time then they are not fulfilling the purpose of their participation. Even in the kitchen and other working spaces, which cannot be left at short notice, it is important that those in charge ensure that everyone is able to offer his/her prayer. Occasionally children start crying whereby other praying persons are impacted in their concentration. In this case parents should, whether fathers or mothers, try to calm down the children.

Please switch your mobile phones off or switch to silent during the prayers. Some people have the habit of bringing in their phones and leaving them switched on, which then begins to ring and diverts attention from the prayers.

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It is important that you remain vigilant all times. Be vigilant and if you notice a stranger or an odd behaviour, inform the relevant department immediately. It is not advisable to intervene yourself personally. Make sure that after arriving at the premises you get to the mandatory security check and identification. Your ID Card should be attached in a visible position and if you see someone without an ID Card then guide them kindly to the registration office. Take care of your cash and valuables personally. The staffs in charge of the Jalsa Salana take no responsibility for any loss, stealing and damage.

In case of an emergency, do not panic: try to stay as calm as possible. Report the occurrence to Khadim on duty and follow the instructions given. Keep escape routes clear and take note of safe havens for in case of an emergency. Bring children, women and elder people to safety. It is important that you keep rescue ways for fire brigade, emergency doctor, police and the helpers of the security department free.

Guests are requested to bring their health insurance card with them. Please ensure adequate fluid intake. Before you take the prepared meals in please make sure that the ingredients are well tolerable for you. Guests are again requested to take their regular medication with them. Certainly, there is a running clinical service available during Jalsa Salana. While the department provides full clinical services, it is almost limited to first aid and other emergencies. If consultancy in cases of chronic (prolonged, complex) diseases is required, patient may be transferred to the nearest major hospital.
If a satisfactory medical treatment is not ensured, we ask you for your understanding. We are convinced that this will not be the case, but only Allah is the healer.

Blood donation is an important humanitarian activity of the Community, and has now become a major event of our National Jalsas as the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission Ghana has been recognized by the National Blood Service Ghana as a major contributor to the National Blood Bank and other health facilities.

‘Ahmadiyya Muslim Blood Drive’ has been introduced by the Jama’at as a brand name for our annual blood donation project with the view to becoming the highest religious donor organization in Ghana, and it requires us to donate more than 4000 units of blood. In view of this, qualified members of the Jama’at are specially encouraged by the Ameer to make it a point to donate blood at the Jalsa not just to achieve the targeted units, but most importantly, help save lives as a requirement of faith.

Parents have to ensure that every child wears his or her ID Card visibly and on the back side of the card, the name of the parents or relatives and their telephone number should be visibly written on it. Please don’t leave your children unsupervised!

The Exhibition and Book Store will be set up by the Secretariat, adjacent Jalsa Gah. Members are welcome to visit the Exhibition and Book Store as often as possible, along with their guests (except during the Salat and Jalsa programs). A book stall will also be arranged on site for purchase.

All persons who attend the Jalsa Salana shall strictly observe traffic rules, whether using a vehicle or on foot. Additionally, please note the following:

    • Bagh-e-Ahmad has open parking lots for every car.
    • Please listen and follow all directions from Jalsa parking & security staff.
    • If you are driving to Jalsa, please proceed directly to the parking lots.
    • Park your cars properly to ensure that the available parking spaces are used efficiently.
    • At the end of the day, please take your family with you back to the parking lot in order to reduce congestion and traffic in and around the Jalsa Gah.